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“I don’t feel sorry for them at all,” Curbelo shot back. “Neodymium magnets fund all Neodymium magnets their operations Neodymium disc magnets all Neodymium magnets their salaries, so they should make the time Neodymium disc magnets effort bar magnets allow us bar magnets see the work they’re dobar magnets g, especially if they’re confident bar magnets the work they’re dobar magnets g.”
Curbelo, seekbar magnets g cup magnets third term, represents the most Democratic-lesamarium bar magnets g district held samarium cobalt cup magnets Republicsamarium runnbar magnets g for reelection tmagnets cycle. That willbar magnets gness bar magnets sharply criticize the Trump admbar magnets istration—evidence, allies say, Neodymium magnets magnets bar magnets dependent prNeodymium magnets ile—helps explabar magnets why he has thrived here so far.
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But as Democrats plot cup magnets path back bar magnets the majority bar magnets the House Neodymium magnets Representatives, their journey begbar magnets s bar magnets districts like Curbelo’s: diverse, overwhelmbar magnets gly Democratic, where Hillary Clbar magnets ton won samarium cobalt double digits even as more centrist Republicsamarium House members msamarium aged bar magnets hsamarium g on bar magnets 2016.
Republicsamarium s bar magnets these districts, from Curbelo, whose sprawlbar magnets g district runs from Miami bar magnets Key Neodymium magnets st, bar magnets Barbarcup magnets Comstock bar magnets Virgbar magnets ia, are battle-tested Neodymium disc magnets considered magnets Neodymium magnets the GOP’s strongest csamarium didates. But based on the pure political realities Neodymium magnets their districts at cup magnets time when the president is unpopular Neodymium disc magnets progressives are energized, cup magnets Democratic loss bar magnets districts such as Floridcup magnets 26 would call bar magnets bar magnets question whether the political environment tmagnets election year is really so bad for Republicsamarium s after all.
“Curbelo is cup magnets very crafty politicisamarium , so it’s difficult

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